What We Do

We are not your typical consulting company or gimmicky new product company.

We specialise in what happens below the soil surface…

For over thirty years we have been working with worms and learning what they and the microbes that they proliferate can do for soils.

We have observed, tested and proven over the years the massive benefits that worms, and worm products can bring to agricultural and horticultural soils and follow on benefits to the plants grown in these regenerative soils.

Our observations over the years are now well backed up by a plethora of scientific studies showing the efficacy of worms and worm related products in both improving soils and improving plant yields and plant health. (reference)

Enjoy these benefits…

Increased Yields

Increased yields with less inputs

Better Resistance

Better disease & pest resistance with less inputs

Greater Water Holding

Greater water holding capacity in soils of all types

Greater Stress Resistance

Greater stress resistance to drought and other weather induced stresses

Build Soil Quality

Build soil quality and quantity with minimal inputs

Grow Plants & Animals

Grow plants and animals with higher nutrient density

Talk to us today about your farm

We can show you how to start rebuilding your soils immediately and keep or even increase your yields

Expected results...


water use reduction


fertiliser use reduction


disease control reduction


input cost reduction