Our System

We believe in a system-based approach to every unique farming problem and situation.

We do not have a single magic bullet that will solve every farming problem.

We do however have customised WormGro, that we blend for specific soil types, crop varieties and climatic conditions.

Coupled with our customised WormGro’s, we also advise and recommend multi-variety seedings over pasture, under orchards and in other horticultural situations.
We are also the only breeders in Australia of a multipurpose earthworm that can create humus in a very short time frame. This earthworm can often be used in conjunction with our WormGro’s to accelerate the formation of high carbon, high humus soils.

Our aim is to create self-functioning, regenerative soils not within the normal accepted time frames of 15-20 years, but within 2-5 years.

How does WormGro work?

WormGro is a liquid extract from high quality worm casts. The process has been developed over many years of trials and has now been refined to produce the highest quality extracts possible. Every batch of WormGro is analysed under a microscope to confirm that it contains the full array of microbes necessary to kick start the natural soil fertility cycle or The Soil Food Web.

So what exactly is the natural fertility cycle?

The natural fertility cycle or what Dr Elaine Ingham calls “The Soil Food Web”, is a complex interaction of microbes, plants and soil minerals.

A basic description of this natural fertility cycle is that plants photosynthesise sunlight energy to chemically create sugar rich liquid carbon from atmospheric carbon. This liquid carbon is commonly known as plant “sap”. A naturally functioning plant will then exchange, through its roots, some of this sugar rich liquid carbon (and it’s many additional chemicals) with the soil microbes. Some of the soil microbes will “mine” many essential plant minerals from the soil such as phosphorus and calcium and exchange with the plant these minerals for the sugar rich liquid carbon which is the microbes food source. Other microbes also feed off the sugar rich liquid carbon and through the process of growing and dying will convert atmospheric nitrogen into stable organic nitrogen. The plant will then take up this stable organic nitrogen as one of its main food sources. All of the above must take place in the presence of water in the soil. But this natural fertility cycle and the exchange of minerals and organic nitrogen will NOT occur whilst artificial nitrates are added to the soil or plant.

The above natural fertility cycle also has the significant side benefits of creating soil humus. Humus is a complex carbon molecule that when combined with soil minerals and water becomes the highly fertile soils in nature. In other words the natural fertility cycle of the The Soil Food Web, creates new soil. Did you know that in a healthy soil there is up to 10 times more protein living below the soil surface than living and grazing above the soil surface? And it’s the poo and dead bodies of all those living organisms below the soil surface that feed the plants!

Enjoy these benefits…

Increased Yields

Increased yields with less inputs

Better Resistance

Better disease & pest resistance with less inputs

Greater Water Holding

Greater water holding capacity in soils of all types

Greater Stress Resistance

Greater stress resistance to drought and other weather induced stresses

Build Soil Quality

Build soil quality and quantity with minimal inputs

Grow Plants & Animals

Grow plants and animals with higher nutrient density

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Expected results...


water use reduction


fertiliser use reduction


disease control reduction


input cost reduction